Toby's Farewell 161107

Toby Wardman, our Musical Director since 2015,  has a wealth of experience conducting choirs in the York area, including many successful "Come and Sing" events.

He came to us when we were in low water, and immediately captivated and re-motivated us with his infectious enthusiasm. Very soon he had us performing weird evolutions and singing outrageous rounds in the Town Hall, all in the guise of ‘warming up’.

Toby has the knack of choosing music which is stimulating, challenging enough but not too difficult, and beautiful to sing and listen to. And his teaching and communication skills are quite exceptional - his enthusiam and positive approach certainly make our rehearsals tremendous fun and very productive. He will be sorely missed.
Toby's final rehearsal with the choir was on 7 November 2016, followed by a send-off at the Albion Inn, Skipton.
Video Gallery - Toby's last concert 2 July 2016
  1. Intro
  2. Toby's intro
  3. Chilcott A Little Jazz Mass
  4. Vautor Two Madrigals
  5. Chilcott The Lily and the Rose
  6. Glass Three Songs
  7. Barbershop
  8. Tormis Estonian Lullabies
  9. Chydenius The Look and The Kiss
Updated 23/1/2017